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Internet start-ring false, exaggerated the phenomenon exists project valuation

    Kerryh Levon
    Por Kerryh Levon

    Internet start-ring false, exaggerated the phenomenon exists project valuation, has disturbed the ecological health of the entire industry. At the national level support as factors under increasing Kraft packing box entrepreneurs, provides wholesale Kraft boxes competition, so many of them part of the entrepreneurs choose to seek benefits or false Kraft packing box to the development. Reason for illegal low cost fueling data fraud , according to a senior buy Kraft box from sources, the founding team and wholesale Kraft boxes packaging have signed a confidentiality agreement. So the short term, if the provides recycling Kraft boxes does not disclose earnings to listing, the buy Kraft box from amount is difficult to lie was exposed, "fraud" almost zero risk, zero cost. The end result lied about the number of possible persecution intensified competition, comparisons with false credit line, beating each other on the momentum. Thunderstorm Capital founding told reporters that under the whole environment for entrepreneurs, want to quickly get attention; for employers, it is also an eye, close one eye, false amounts in favor of brand communication, cheap personalized kraft packaging products with free shipping In general that expose wholesale Kraft boxes packaging will not go.” In addition to the amount of financing fraud, the number of users of Internet startups fraud is the usual trick. A lot of startups APP outreach own platform or how much the number of users is reached, most of the data is water.” An Internet technical staff said that the number of users can fraud, fans also can be traded. In addition, many Internet provides recycling Kraft boxes are outreach installed base, APP downloads, no mention of the number of active users, "while the former data is easy to fake." Cui Yu believes that the current terms of the vast majority of start-up provides recycling Kraft boxes are in Internet as a platform, so the number of users is critical, it can be said to start the core competitiveness lies. Startups exaggerate the number of users is designed to enhance their valuation, access to caters small Kraft boxes needs higher visibility, more investor attention, not only to win the next round of financing, but also to attract more users to subscribers. Such competition means of course is unfair, especially in terms of similar competitors. Observe the integrity of